Mean Uncle Ernie

I am talking about my uncle who has prostate cancer and I know I wrote a poem about him but I wanted to tell you more. He is an amazing person and he does so much for me and my family. He also is one of the funniest people I know.

He has been one of my biggest supporters, and I have always thought that he is one of the best people ever. We go camping at Wickiup every year since I was 4 months old. Our whole family goes and we stay there for a week. my uncle is the one who takes us out on the boat and he takes us for rides on the tubes. This year he isn’t going to be there though because when we go is the worst that the cancer is going to be for  him. We are still going though because that’s what he would’ve wanted.

That is a little bit about my uncle. He is like one of my best friends. I’m so sorry that you got sick.

blog #11

Dear uncle Ernie,

I love and I’m sorry that you have cancer

You are one of the funniest people I know

The night that I heard you were sick I was devastated

I thought I was going to cry a river and I think I did

I have the best memories with you

One time you told Haley there was a bat in your hair and was smacking her in the head it was hilarious

Another time you told us to follow the North West star to our tent even though our tent was right behind us and the star was probably North West air lines

Once again I am very sorry

You make me laugh and smile and now its my turn to do that for you

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Week #7 There But Not

I am going to be writing about Amanda and her son Jackson. I loved them with all my heart and I still do. In everything I do I always get reminded of how amazing they are.

You might be a little confused right now so let me tell you the whole story. My mom worked with Amanda and they became really close. We did a bunch of stuff with her I got to know her really well.

She got pregnant and we made her the best baby  shower ever. I got to know her baby and his name was Jackson and then a couple years later she got pregnant again and I also got to know that baby. I haven’t seen him in a while so I don’t remember his name. Whet I do know is one of the cutest babies ever. We made another great baby shower for him. We didn’t see Amanda for a while because she had just created her family. One day we saw her she came to our house to get our stroller because they were going to Disneyland or somewhere and the stroller had two seats.

In the next few days it was a beautiful afternoon and we were in the hair cut place because my brother needed his hair cut. My mom got a phone call we didn’t think much of it till my mom started freaking out and was in shock. She got off the phone crying and she had told me and my brother that Jackson was in air flight going to the hospital and Amanda died instantly. All I could do was sit there. I couldn’t cry and now thinking back on it I wish I could’ve done something. we got home. I couldn’t eat so I just went in my room and wondered why, why did this have to happen. Later that night I heard that Jackson had died too and all I thought was that he couldn’t bare  to live without his mommy and so he was just following after her footsteps. I still don’t think its fair she was only 28 and he was 3. It doesn’t make sense to me people are here then they can instantly be gone. Till this day I know that Amanda and Jackson are happy and they are with me every step of the way through my life.

What happened was that a tanker truck was going to fall off the road so the tried to correct themselves and they over corrected and ripped half the truck off and it was horrible. Amanda died instantly and Jackson died in air flight. At the funeral everyone was wearing green and yellow because those were Jackson’s favorite colors. I wasn’t allowed to go though because it would have been the hardest thing for me to do. I love you Amanda and Jackson.

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Week #8

My digital footprint is positive and I don’t really care if people see it or not. If my grandparents or future grandchildren see they would be bored. When I look my name/nicknames nothing about me comes up it´s just a whole bunch of random people.


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blog #6


Eyes are like a way to see into peoples hearts

If you ever look in someone´s eyes long enough it´s like you can see who they are

I have a baby blue eye color

I have a dark ring around the color

They remind me of the ocean when I cry they look pretty but when I see myself crying/sad/or upset I cry even more

Blog #5

I am going to be writing about a tradition that my family does every year. We go camping at Wickiup every single year from the year I was born till now. It is so beautiful there it makes my heart happy and the whole side of my mom’s family goes. We go for a week and we have campfires and we swim in the lake everyday.  My uncle has a boat and we ride on tubes behind the boat and my uncle always makes us fall off and it’s really fun. It’s one of our family traditions.

#2 extra credit

When someone leaves a comment on my blog I expect that they introduce themselves and comment on what I’m talking about. A comment that is acceptable is (Hi Ashley my name is Kodi and I feel the same way about terrorism). A comment that I would through in the trash is (Ashley I like cats).

blog #4

I am writing about Terrorism because I think it’s a scary thing to think about. I really don’t like thinking about terrorism because it scares me because I am really paranoid about dying I don’t really know why though. That’s why I just live in the moment. Terrorists just come and take away lives and take away everything you have. When I think about it, it’s like do they have a purpose for what they are doing? I just don’t understand. People are living lives and other people who think that it is ok to take that away from people (is not ok). It irritates me because people are fighting in the war for us to live but they die doing their job because people like the terrorists kill them because they think it’s ok. I wish they knew how I felt.

Week 10 blog

I have wrote 9 blogs. All my blogs were from the challenge. I have got 1 comment from someone and I got it because they commented on one of my blogs. Week number 3 got the most comments because it was one of my favorite blogs to write. My very favorite post I wrote is called week number 9 I Get To Show Off it is my favorite because it talks about what I love to do the most. I didn’t change the blog themes because I like the one I have. I used compfight to make my blogs interesting.